Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving on 2012

Decided to rewrite this post. My insecurities have not changed. I am still nervous about what I am doing, to a degree. I want to apologize to people that I have hurt in the distant and not so distant past. I want to say that things happened that seemed right at the time and then spun out of control. Granted being hurt was as encompassing as hurting but all I can do is apologize for that which I have done.

I am back in school and doing well. It has been difficult and I lost focus a little but that was my own fault. Misery loves company I guess and I was my own best company. That is in the past. I am moving forward with a strong desire to make life better for others and myself. I am not going to be way that is going to happen. I am going to start writing again...if only in blog form. I need that outlet to try and resolve issues that scream like a banshee in my head.

So maybe I will do some short story writing...if not for anyone's on enjoyment than my own. I don't know. Stephen King once said that his writing what he wrote was cheaper than therapy (sorry- paraphrasing).  I am glad for the people that have come in my life, though things did not end well at least you were there for awhile.

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