Monday, August 13, 2012

A Bohemian Philosophy

I recently watched a movie I had not seen before. My son's girlfriend suggested it and we did a girl's day when he was at work and watched it.  The movie is Moulin Rouge. It was very good...sweet...funny...and sad.

I like the philosophy in the movie...the running theme if you would have it. It goes, "the greatest thing to learn is to love and be loved." How true that is. Christian, a young man in Paris, goes to the Moulin Rouge and finds the love of his life, the courtesan, Satine. He falls deeply in love with her and her with him. If that was the end of the movie life would be grand.

Life is never that simple. Satine, flirts with this evil duke to gain funding for Christian's play. It is based on their romance. The evil duke wants to sleep with Satine, to get his money's worth. She stalls him until opening night. At one point they have an intimate dinner. It is during this dinner that she realizes, though she knows she is a courtesan, she can not sleep with this man for money. She nearly gets raped and flees to her love.

That is not the end....but I think if you have not seen the movie you should. The bohemian philosophy is standing the ground for freedom, beauty, truth and love.
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